Tailgating 2.0 or Upping Your Tailgating Game

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When it comes to tailgating, going overboard is okay: it’s even encouraged! Take your tailgating game to the next level with these tips and suggestions. And get creative: think outside the standards for an experience that’s memorable, fun, and speaks to your personal brand of fandom.

Show Your Team Colors

Wear team color everything! The idea is to show the maximum amount of team spirit, so you can’t really overdo it.

And eat them, too! Serve foods that correspond with your team colors. Or use food dyes for dips and cakes.

Go for maximum impact by having your college or team logo on just about everything if you can: decorations, cups, napkins, your tent, your truck, and, of course, your table coverings. Consider our college-logo-printed tablecloths and plastic banquet rolls.

Create a Special Space

Establish a fun and memorable theme for your tent, especially something that connects with your team’s mascot in a fun way.

Make your space an experience! Offer games – cornhole, football toss, ladder golf, or team trivia – with fun prizes, play music, and set up television or computer screens with last season’s highlight reel on repeat.

Make sure you have enough power, especially if you’ll be operating essential equipment (like blenders).

Consider the weather: football season can be windy and unpredictable. Bring a large overhead tent, and invest in tablecloths that will stay put, like our plastic elastic tablecloths: Quik Covers. These handy covers fit over the tailgates of most trucks and SUVs.

Plan Creative Food & Drinks

Sure, you’ve served all the classic favorites that are great on the grill, like burgers, dogs, and ribs. But next time, try some non-traditional dishes such as sliders, quesadillas, turkey legs, or nachos. Anything bacon wrapped is sure to be a hit.

Establish a signature dish – so-spicy-you’ll-cry jalapeno wings will ensure you get remembered!

Consider a signature drink instead, especially if it can coordinate with team colors or a football theme. Southern Living put together a list of fun team-themed concoctions you can make for the next game. Please do remember that all applicable liquor laws apply at the stadium, so be responsible.

Bring on the colorful sides, especially ones you can prep ahead of time and pull out of the fridge, like layered bean dip, homemade guacamole, and fresh salsas. Extra points if your sides resemble footballs: cracker stacks, deviled eggs decorated to look like footballs, a cheese log in the shape of a football, and more.

And don’t forget the desserts! Create football-themed cupcakes or sheet cakes, football-shaped cookies and rice cereal treats, and football lollipops.

Go All Out

For the ultimate in fandom, get an RV in your team’s colors or with the team logo on the sides. A surprising number of people take their dedication to this level…and there’s not a fancier way to set up in the tailgating lot!

photo credit: Anders Ruff Custom Designs via photopin cc

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