Top 10 Tips for Making Cleanup Easy After Kids’ Parties

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There are great expectations when it comes to kids’ birthday parties these days: themes (“Frozen,” anyone?), elaborate cakes, and activities like karaoke. Gone are the days of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Most parents don’t wince at party planning—initially. But by the time of the party, they’re often too stressed or tired to enjoy the festivities.

There are plenty of ways to make these events simpler and more enjoyable for everyone, including mom and dad. One of the most challenging issues is cleanup. It must be done, but once the party’s over, you just want to put your feet up! Simplify cleanup after children’s parties with these 10 tips:

1. Keep party size manageable. The general rule is, invite no more guests to the shindig than your child’s age in years. The younger your child, the easier cleanup will be! If you do plan on hosting a crowd though, consider stocking up on our cheap plastic tablecloths, which come in many colors, patterns, and sizes. Our wholesale plastic table linens can be ordered in bulk too, so you’ll never be shorthanded again. Birthdays do, after all, happen every year!

2. Decorate simply. Paper plates and cups and plastic cutlery are your best friends. Ditto streamers. Set up food and craft tables using our disposable plastic tablecloths and table skirts, which are easy to mix and match. Quickly wipe up mid-party spills and finger paint messes as you go, and you’ll be free to have fun and take pictures. Later, pull our linens off seconds after the last guest leaves.

3. Have the party outside, if at all possible. Any food or art messes drop on the ground!

4. Choose party favors carefully. If each child receives a mini flower pot with a pack of seeds, they can take them home and anticipate watching a flower grow; if they get Silly String, chances are it won’t make it out of your house without being used.

5. Provide plenty of trash cans and bins for recyclables. Place them in “can’t miss” places.

6. Tend to messes as they happen. If you’re able to do a couple laps around the party space to clear and wipe during the festivities, do it. You won’t be overwhelmed later if you develop a preventive eye during the party.

7. Remember, tables aren’t just for food. A table for gifts or Legos not only designates an area for specific things and activities; you simply “lift and dump” after everyone has gone home. This saves you from chasing down stray ribbon or allows you to transport toys to their proper bins and return them in one step, rather than handful by tedious handful.

8. Have plastic storage bags ready so kids can take leftover snacks or cake home. Days-old birthday cake won’t go bad on your watch!

9. Enlist the guest of honor to help. There are age appropriate jobs for kids of every age – even toddlers. A 3-year-old can sweep, while an 8-year-old can walk the party area with a bag and collect trash or gather recyclables.

10. Don’t procrastinate! Though the last thing you might want to do immediately post-party is clean up, putting it off makes the inevitable even harder.

Happy parents make for happy kids’ parties. Tableskirts and More linen like plastic tablecloths make your life easier and your pockets fuller, and who can complain about that?

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