Tips for Planning Your Second Wedding

There’s no rule against a big, elaborate second wedding, especially if you’re more established now, but in general, second weddings tend to be smaller, less formal, and more intimate. Maybe you learned some lessons with your first event. Did you spend too much? Invite too many people? Or maybe you tried to do too much yourself? A second wedding is a chance to put all those lessons into action … and to think about what you really want this time.

Wear white, if you want to, or any other color you’d like. If white isn’t your favorite color, think outside the box. And consider your many style options: consider going vintage or retro or beach-themed or classic and casual, depending on the type of event you’re throwing.

Involve family! Many times, a second marriage is a joining of families: make sure your event celebrates that. Invite children to be a part of the wedding party or plan a ceremony or rituals that visually represent that larger union.

Chances are you’re footing the event bill yourself, which can mean more and less stress at the same time. Less stress because you’re free to do what you want, more stress because you’ll be paying for it all. As with any event, decide on a budget and a priority list as a first step.

Consider the power of DIY. Even if you’re not a crafting genius, you can get pretty far with a glue gun. And so can your extended family and friends! Ask for help: handmade invites, decorations, flowers, and favors can add a special and creative quality to your event.

Need a new blender? Feel free to register for classic items. Or ask for nontraditional gifts like travel gear, contributions to your honeymoon fund, or donations to your favorite charity.

Consider all the alternatives to a five-course sit-down dinner served on fine china. There are many!

  • Serve appetizers and cocktails at small, stand-up tables.
  • Provide informal picnic baskets and have guests sit on the lawn.
  • Think crowd-sourced and throw a potluck.
  • Offer a small selection of themed food, maybe based on your honeymoon location or a favorite vacation spot.
  • Skip the main course and create a buffet of delicious desserts.

The type of event you’re having will dictate the kind of decorations you need. You don’t have to break your budget on expensive linen table covers to host a beautiful wedding reception. We offer a wide selection of affordable LINEN-LOOK table coverings for weddings that are perfect in every setting, from fancy event halls to backyard gatherings. These linen-like table skirts, banquet rolls, and table covers come in a variety of colors that can match any palette.

If you’re going to do anything on a grand scale, make sure it’s your honeymoon. No need to be modest there. Three-month trek around the world, here you come.

Consider the timeline and stay organized. Many of the same steps are involved as with your first wedding, even if you’re planning a small and simple affair.

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