8 Tips to Create a Holiday Bazaar Booth That Draws a Crowd

Holiday bazaar time will be upon us before we know it. Can you believe that December is only 1 ½ months away? Whether you plan to sell cookies, Christmas tree ornaments, handcrafted soaps, or something entirely different at the next holiday craft fair, a colorful, eye-catching booth is a must. Decorate your display table with tablecloths in bright holiday colors. We offer table skirts, banquet rolls, and valances that can add flair, texture, and fun to your booth. Here are a few tips that can help you transform your space at the holiday fair from ho-hum into ho-ho-ho in a jiffy!


1. Build your display on a beautifully decorated table. Our pretty plastic table skirts come in holiday patterns and colors such as red, white, silver, and metallic gold. Our LINEN-LOOK™ table covers have a lightly embossed linen-like quality that will add a touch of elegance to your booth.

2. Think outside the box, as in mix and match. Your booth doesn’t have to be all red, for example. To add visual interest, step outside the monochromatic scheme and pair a patterned tablecloth with a solid table skirt.

3. Be adaptable. Sometimes you don’t know what shape table you’re going to get until you get to the bazaar! Our plastic table cover rolls can be custom cut to fit whatever type of table you’re assigned – rectangular, square, oval, or round.

4. Like “location, location, location” in real estate, it’s “organization, organization, organization” in the holiday booth world. In short, neatness counts – for a lot. Passersby won’t be attracted to your booth is it’s cluttered and chaotic. Think half and half or quadrants, for example: half gingerbread cookies and half hand crafted items, or ¼ tree ornaments, ¼ popcorn-cranberry strings, ¼ candles, ¼ jewelry. Your products will be easy to see – and buy.

5. Make your customer’s life easy. Be prepared on sale day with plenty of change and bags.

6. Display creatively. Use small shelves to create multi-leveled, differentiated areas for different types of merchandise. Lean some items on a few oversized pinecones, or place products on 12” X 12” ceramic or slate tiles, which are easily and cheaply obtained at home stores.

7. Go for the glitz. People like sparkly things! Grab some branches, spray paint them white and throw glitter on or use silver or gold paint. Hang your wares from these. Or cover boxes with velvet and throw some sparkly beads around items for sale. Get a mirrored tray and place items for sale in it. With the extra oomph that comes from added bling, customers are sure to flock toward your table!

8. Let there be light. A table lamp adds a cozy quality to your booth, as do twinkly Christmas tree lights.

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