5 Simple Napkin Folds for Holiday Tables

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 There are an abundance of holidays in front of us. Many of them involve family and friends, food, fun and table decorations!  Let’s not forget exhaustive planning, shopping, cooking, decorating and clean up.  Many will opt for creating fancy tables using formal linen tablecloths and linen napkins and many will opt for a more casual table setting using perhaps paper napkins and paper plates. Whichever the direction your table decorating takes you, chances are you will be using napkins of some sort.  And for whatever type of napkin you may be using, a clever napkin fold can “fancy up” any table setting.  If clever napkin folds aren’t in your time frame, then a simple fold with a decorative ring can enhance your tablescape as well.  Napkins can be so fun to decorate with.

Now you can take your table decorating to the next level by using one of these 5 easy napkin folds. 


THE ROSE (Pictured Above)


  • Fold corners to center
  • Fold corners to center again
  • Repeat a 3rd time
  • Turn over and fold to center again
  • With pressure in center, pull first 4 petals from back, then 8 more, making 12 in all



  • Fold in half to form large triangle
  • Turn up 1" hem
  • Flip over
  • Roll up tightly, tuck corner into hem




  • Bring top and bottom edges to center leaving 1” gap
  • Pleat sharply
  • Pinch center together, secure with ring



  • Pleat square napkin from top to bottom
  • Secure center with finger and fold in half
  • Place in glass and fan out top


  • Fold napkin twice to form square
  • Take 2 top layers and roll down half way
  • Turn corners away


You may want to watch our quick one minute “how to” video on napkin folding to give you more ideas: http://www.tableskirtsandmore.com/pages/how-to-videos#6

Whatever route you choose to go with decorating your holiday tables, make it fun and easy for you to do and for your guests to enjoy. Let them see you had a good time putting it all together. And more importantly keep it simple so you’re not too exhausted to enjoy your own party! 

Happy folding!

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