Tips for a Successful Graduation Party

It's hard to believe that your baby is graduating. Even if it's high school, college or even junior high, you're going to want to celebrate their success.  

Whether you're having a small get together or a large bash, planning is key.  After you select a party date, next you'll need to set a budget. And stick with it.

Organizing your party at home in the back yard or in a park is the most economical. The size of our guest list will help determine your best event spot.  You may even need to reserve a hall to host a larger group.

Next, choose a fun theme. While the overall theme is graduation, you'll need a little more to it in order to pull it all together.  A theme can be as simple as school colors, a college major or a sport played while in school.  Choosing a theme will help you decide on a menu and other supplies.

Will you be making food yourself or hiring a caterer?  Either way you'll need to decide on serving a full meal or just finger foods.  Don't forget to get some help. This is your child's graduation party, but you need to have time to enjoy it too.


  • Make a gift list
  • Make clever invitations like little scrolls that look like diplomas.  
  • Plan a few fun games to keep everyone engaged
  • Video the party. Set up a camera on a tripod and just let it roll.
  • Hand out disposable cameras at the door and let your guests take candid shots of the party
  • Bring in a photo booth and let everyone have fun taking group pics in the booth. You can even have costumes for everyone to take photos in.


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