The Beginning…

The Beginning

Since this is my first blog on my new website I thought I would start at the beginning.   I recently took a trip to New Auburn, WI.  Not a part of the U.S. I had ever seen before.  It’s a sleepy little town just north of Chippewa Falls.  There I visited as plastics company where the basis of most our products are produced.  

I had a informative tour of the plant and then was allowed to watch as the plastic rolls we use were being produced. They use a mixture of resin and granular color pieces together and add them into a extremely hot melting machine. 

After melting together, the plastic is then extruded onto rollers, sent to the stamping machine (it makes the plastic look like linen) and then further rolled into 50 lb. rolls. Voilà. These rolls are then put on pallets and shipped to our plant in South Carolina.   It was interesting to see how it all begins. 

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