Winter Rainforest Party

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Rainforest Theme Party Table
January is such a dreary month for so many of us. In place of winter’s bare trees and shades of brown, why not have a lush green rain forest-themed party? There is no better time of year for the color green to enhance our sense of well-being. 

A recent trip to Puerto Rico inspired the idea. I visited the El Yunque National Forest. It  is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S national forest system.  It rains 200 inches a year. The setting is lush with canopies of trees, giant ferns, bamboo groves, and beautiful waterfalls. 

My rain forest themed table is decorated in varying shades of green. 

I used green tulle and fern stems (from my backyard) to brighten up my white napkins. Bamboo shoots, a huge silk butterfly and silk orchids were used as the centerpiece. Twig chargers held the dinner plates and helped to bring in more of the nature feel. I scattered green colored stones around the table to give a little dimension. You can grab stones from your own backyard. Make sure to find interesting shapes and colors.

 And, if you want to include more of nature you might consider using stuffed parrots, frogs, or if you dare…plastic iguanas!  They were everywhere in Puerto Rico -in the road, and on tops of trees.  I rummaged the plastic frog and snake from my child’s toy chest.

 Why not try authentic Puerto Rican Dishes as well? 

We fell in love with a national dish called Mofongo which is pounded garlic enriched  plantains that are served with either chorizo, beef, shrimp or chicken.  We also enjoyed   deliciously tender skirt steak smothered in a parsley-rich sauce called Chimichurri.  So yummy. Rice and beans are also part of the meal.  Don’t forget the Bacardi drinks. Our favorite: frozen mango Mojitos. 


TIP:  Incorporate organic items from your own backyard (except the wildlife!)  to give texture and interest to the table setting and to keep the budget down. With the plastic table cover and skirt I spent under $20 to decorate the table.

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