World Nutella Day!

crack pie nutella orange table cover

FYI to all you fellow chocoholics out there...Feb. 5th is World Nutella Day!!!

To celebrate I decided to make homemade Nutella (recipe below) It might surprise you to learn that there is no sugar in this recipe. It’s sweetened with honey.  Can that mean that it’s healthy?

Orange table cover

I used it make Nutella Crack Pie. Not healthy but oh so delicious and addictive, hence why it’s called Crack Pie!  I also used it to sandwich almond macaroon cookies. 

TIP: Put the Nutella in a jar or a pretty tea cup and tie a bow around it and give it as a hostess gift or to a BFF who shares in chocolate addiction! 

(shown with an orange table cover) 

Copy and paste the links below to get recipes:

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