Chinese New Year!

chinese lanterns chinese new year chopsticks gold table skirts plastic tablecloths red napkins red tablecloths table skirts tablecloths

For a fun Sunday gathering, on February 10th, join in the most important festival on the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year. 

This is the year of the snake, or serpent, a symbol of luck. It’s a time when families gather together for a feast to welcome a new year of good luck, health and prosperity. Sunday is a perfect day for everyone to gather.  Food plays an important role in the celebration. Many dishes are cooked and served whole at the table. An entire fish, chicken or duck represents a united family.  A carved dish might imply severing family ties. Color is essential too. Red signifies good fortune. Gold connotes prosperity. 

Traditionally the night ends with firecrackers to drive evil spirits away


For this party table I used a red cover on the tabletop, paired with a metallic gold table skirt to trim the edges. Red and gold plastic chargers were used under gold dinner plates along with red napkins that held chopsticks.  I purchased paper Chinese lanterns and a dragon at my local party store as an inexpensive way to supplement the Chinese theme. 


TIP: To dress up any table setting fast, fold napkins into a knot shape that will hold cutlery or in this case the chopsticks. The use of the color red at the dining table is also purposeful. It is known to stimulate appetites! 

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