Let the good times roll!!

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King Cake

It’s Carnival time and after the super bowl extravaganza New Orleans is just one big party! 

February 12th , known as “Fat Tuesday”, is the last day of feasting before lent. 

A very popular food around this time of year is the king cake. It is a ring of twisted bread, similar to brioche that is decorated with icing and colored sugar. The sugar is tinted in the three traditional Mardi gras colors: Purple which represents Justice, Green for Faith and Gold for Power.  

On my king cake table I used a 54” purple table cover, a yellow table skirt and a green valance for accent. I used plastic beads and doubloons in the traditional party colors to decorate the cake and the table. You can find these on any Mardi gras website or at party stores.    

Tip: Use traditional colors of Purple, Green and Gold.  Be generous with doubloons and beads. Spread them everywhere. I ordered my king cake direct from Louisiana and the cost was around $40. The entire décor cost under                                          $10.

 This is a time of overindulgence so have fun!




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