Erin Go Bragh! (Ireland Forever)

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 Shamrocks. Leprechauns. Green beer. Corned beef and cabbage.

No matter your ancestry, everyone wants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

The Irish have observed it for over 1,000 years.  March 17th is not just a religious or national holiday to commemorate Irish patron saint, St. Patrick. It's a fun celebration of Irishness around the world. 

Fun Facts:

St. Patrick is responsible for banishing snakes from all of Ireland.

The color first associated with Saint Patrick's Day was blue.  The "wearing of the green", in the form of shamrocks and ribbons emerged in the 17th century.

The largest and longest St. Pat's parade is held in New York City across 1.5 miles and lasts more than 5 hours. 

St. Patrick's Party tableMy Party Table:

I used a neutral color (Ivory) table cover to allow multiple shades of green, the color of the day,to stand out.

I re-cycled my Mardi Gras accessories with focus on green and gold components. Beads doubled as napkin ties. Doubloons served as bright table accents.

I also used evergreen florals to add a fresh touch to the occasion.

greenery for vase    

TIP: Hide unsightly flower stems in a clear vase using leaves cut from the stems.  To complement the fresh flowers, I used fake carnation heads, green and white, to line the inside of the vase.

To extend the life of faux flowers, clean and store them to be used at your next celebration table. 

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