Fourth of July Traditions

4th of july celebration patriotic stars and stripes tablecloths tablecloths

Fourth of July is a few days away. It is a popular time for gatherings with close friends and family, fireworks and outdoor bar-b-ques. A very close friend of mine has an annual of 4th of July clambake.  She has been doing this for many years . We all look forward to it and on the 5th of July mark our calendars for the following year's festivities.  A few years ago she asked to use my stars and strips table covers. She used them on all the serving tables and seating tables. It was so festive. I wish I had a photo of the entire party but only have one saved on my phone (above). After the first year of using the table covers I asked if she needed more for the following year. "No" she said, "I just wiped them off, folded them up, and put them away for next year". Wow. I as happy to hear someone actually did this.  Last year her family decided to spend the entire summer in Ireland and they were going to be there over the 4th of July holiday. Being the ever perfect and organized party planner that she is, I heard she took my table covers with her in the suitcase and used them for her tables in Ireland. The table covers reminded her of home and helped to bring the patriotic spirit of America with her overseas.  I hope we can all keep the spirit of America in our hearts at all times like my friend does. This year we're headed back to her house in the states to indulge on burgers and clams. I can't wait. Happy 4th to all! 

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