The Witching Hour is Near!

October is commonly associated with autumn in the US. It's a wonderful month of the year and in most areas it's the start of crisp mornings followed by beautiful sunny days. It's a great time of year to go hiking (my personal favorite) and taking a drive to see the fall leaves as their vibrant colors come to life.

It's also the time for tailgate parties as football season gets into gear, Oktoberfest, and as most children know, Halloween.

My Halloween table is decorated for a younger gathering. I add candy pumpkins to dress up plain cupcakes and put candy in orange and black goodie bags to continue with the Jack-O-Lantern theme.  At Michael's (I love that store!), I recently located a spooky black painted tree which worked out great for hanging decorations.

Our Jack-O-Lantern table cover is quite cheery and would be perfect for both small and large goblin parties.  Since our covers are reusable, you could plan a party for the kids during the day (or before trick or treating) and once it's over, wipe down the cover, add some candles, spooky decorations, some adult libations, and your good to go for another party in the evening with your adult friends and family.


After dressing the table, go ahead and dress the dogs! If they're willing. 


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