It's Tailgate Season!

Tailgating is a lifestyle and right now, since we’re in the thick of fall sports, there’s a lot of it going on!

Tailgate parties typically take place in the parking lots of stadiums and sports fields before and occasionally after games and concerts. Many people participate even if their vehicles don’t have tailgates.

Schools and communities throughout the US rely on tailgating parties to help build and support their teams and programs.

Popular tailgate party foods can include classic picnic fare such as hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and cold salads. However so many creative tailgate foods have taken over the typical ones.  My favorite is Frito pie in a bag. 

Our tailgate took place at pre-game party for a Clemson football game.  We served fried chicken and such right off the back of the pickup truck, and used a plastic orange table cover to show our team color. There are plastic table covers that have pre-printed college names and emblems  that you can use as well if your party is for a college team. 

Some of my favorite tailgating tips are:

  1. Float a big helium balloon on a string from your car or truck so your friends can find you.
  2. Freeze water bottles to use in place of ice in coolers so you have cold water to drink after they melt.
  3. Fill a six pack beer holder with your favorite hot sauce bottles and other condiments.
  4. Don’t forget to consider the wind direction if you’re grilling at the tailgate.
  5. Turn a cooler into a warming oven by using foil and hot stones or bricks.
  6. And finally, when it comes to taking down the tailgate site, apply the camping rule that says you should  take out everything  you bring in.


Happy Tailgating and Go Team!!

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