Whether you’re looking to decorate for a seasonal get together or just want to bring a taste of the autumn into your home, our table covers can serve as the perfect background for any occasion. Dress up that unnoticed side table with some fall decorations or bring new life to an otherwise unornamented room. You can even dress up your kitchen or dining room table for an everyday splash of seasonal fun. Check out our blog for some more fall decorating ideas!


Halloween is almost upon us! Whether you have kids or are still a kid at heart, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. With increasing numbers of parents hosting parties at their homes, the need for Halloween decorations and table settings is growing too. Websites like Pinterest are constantly showcasing new Halloween decorating ideas, it's no longer enough to just have a paper tablecloth and a few bowls of candy. With our tablecovers and table skirts, you can dress up your tables in the traditional orange, yellow, and brown, or the newer choices of black, silver, and purple. Set the stage for the perfect Halloween tables with our signature Linen Look table covers. Check out our latest blog for some ideas for your next Halloween table!






We are fully in football mode right now! Whether your love of football is for the NFL, collegiate, high school, or even peewee football, our table covers can dress up any ordinary table and make it suitable for your tailgate or game day party. If you’re looking for tailgating party ideas, try decking out your tables in your team’s colors using both table covers and table skirts. Using one of our Quick Covers, you can even get the tailgate of your pickup truck or SUV ready to have a blast at the big game! Check us out on Pinterest and check our blog for some cool tailgating ideas.



More than almost any other holiday, Thanksgiving  decorations and Thanksgiving dinner tables are fussed and fretted over from the first day of November until the moment that dinner and dessert are served. Our table covers combine quality, affordability, and appeal for the best possible options for your Thanksgiving tables. At the same time elegant enough for use on your prized Thanksgiving table and economical enough for your dessert table. Our table covers, when paired with our table skirts, can help you dress up any table. You have enough to worry about on Thanksgiving Day. Let our table covers and table skirts solve at least a few of those concerns. And don’t worry, if you are setting up for a large number of tables, such as a charity dinner or school function, we sell our table covers and table skirts in bulk quantities. Check out our blog and video how to section leading up to Thanksgiving for some ideas on creating the perfect tables.






Fall is fast becoming the most popular time to have a wedding. Cooler weather and fall flavors offer a unique combination of appealing options to brides looking for the perfect wedding. Our table covers and table skirts are priced economically enough to not break the bank but when used properly, are suitable for any wedding. If you are looking to have an outdoor wedding, our Quik Covers paired with our table skirts can create the perfect side tables for favors, the cake, or gifts. Choose from a wide variety of attractive color options to complement your fall wedding decorations and ideas.